The Swedish prosecutor announced on Tuesday that the rape investigation focused on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has stopped. Not enough evidence has been found to support the allegations of two women.

On the contrary, the investigation into the allegations of women was reopened in May of this year.

Then it was announced that Assange was suspected of having raped the two women in 2010 at a conference in Stockholm.

Assange has always denied the accusations: he says the women have agreed to sex. One of the women, according to a leaked police report, said Assange had sex with her while she slept.

Another woman says she only wanted sex with him if he used a condom, something he initially refused. After that, according to the woman, he supposedly made a condom piece, but still continued to have sex.


Julian Assange: Journalistic hero or criminal hacker?

Arrest warrant previously withdrawn by Sweden

Sweden has already tried to bring Assange to court. The arrest warrant was eventually withdrawn because "all possibilities to promote the investigation have been exhausted". Assange sought refuge in the embassy of Ecuador in London to prevent extradition.

He has previously stated that the country uses the sex offense as a means to ultimately extradite him to the United States, since the US wants to prosecute him for leaking hundreds of secret documents through WikiLeaks.

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