Berlin (dpa) - Had the 90s classic movie "Titanic" can not take a happy ending? In addition, after the director James Cameron and leading actress Kate Winslet now the singer Céline Dion has expressed itself in a late-night show.

The question is still hotly debated more than 20 years after the box-office hit: Had not Captain Jack Dawson, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, also fit on the door on which his lover Rose drifted after the sinking of the ship in the sea?

Entertainer Jimmy Fallon asked Dion in his "Tonight" show if Rose could not have saved Jack's life if she had slipped a bit to the side. Fallon showed her a picture of the famous scene. The Canadian, who sang the Titanic song "My Heart Will Go On," responded after a brief hesitation, "If you look closely at the picture, you see that Rose is either dead or frozen." In any case, she was not completely alone.

To the main character Jack Dion said that he did not need an extra invitation according to the motto. "Come on baby, make yourself comfortable! Jump on it!" She guessed that Jack was so cold from the cold ocean water that he did not have the strength to jump on the door.

Dion is not the first to engage in the debate. Director James Cameron told Vanity Fair magazine in 2017 about the door controversy: "Had he lived, the end of the movie would have been meaningless." Winslet said shortly afterwards in the late show by Stephen Colbert, "He should have just tried harder to get to the door." Winslet and Colbert played the scene and showed: There would have been enough space!

DiCaprio was interviewed by fellow actor Brad Pitt (55) and Margot Robbie (29) in an interview with "MTV" this year. Unlike Cameron, Winslet and Dion, DiCaprio just said, "No comment".