Most often, in their letters, children ask that their loved ones be happy and healthy. Also, children ask for smartphones, dolls and cars, told the press service of Santa Claus.

“One of the unusual requests Santa Claus found in a letter to a nine-year-old girl Lisa from the Vladimir region. She is concerned about environmental issues, in particular the drainage of rivers. In this regard, the girl asks Santa Claus for help in returning water to the country's rivers and promises, in turn, to protect the environment, ”said a spokesman for Santa Claus.

It is noted that in the office of Santa Claus they divide letters into creative (with crafts and drawings) and good (with stories about themselves, their family and good deeds).

The office also reports that on November 1, 2019, 3.6 million letters were sent to Santa Claus. They are written by both children and adults, many of whom are older than 40 years.

Also in the press service of Santa Claus told about the rules for writing a letter with New Year's wishes. The letter should not begin with words such as “I want” or “give me”. First you need to indicate to whom the letter was sent (to Santa Claus), and then greet the wizard.

“After the greeting, write a little about yourself: what is your name, where do you live, what have you been doing for a whole year. You can tell about your most secret desires. At the end of the letter, be sure to say goodbye, write the date when you wrote the letter, ”they said in the office.

You can also attach a poem to the letter or draw a picture.

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