Muslim girls should not wear headscarves in elementary school and kindergarten from the point of view of the CDU leadership. This should be voted on at the upcoming federal party conference. "The wearing of the headscarf makes out of the small children already recognizable outsiders, such as in the playground or in the schoolyard, which we want to prevent in any case," says a resolution recommendation of the application committee for the CDU party congress in Leipzig on Friday and Saturday , The CDU rely mainly on the conviction of the parents. "However, we do not exclude a ban as the last possible measure," it continues.

The application was made by a district association of the Senior Union. This had wanted to call on the CDU parliamentary groups of the parliaments, citizens and the House of Representatives of Berlin to introduce a legal headscarf ban in schools. The petition committee of the congress appointed by the CDU federal executive now recommends accepting a slightly weakened version of the motion.

The question is whether headscarves for schoolgirls in Germany should be banned at all. The Scientific Service of the Bundestag came in 2017 to the conclusion that the constitutionally "probably not allowed" and refers to the case law of the Federal Constitutional Court on teachers wearing a headscarf.

Steps against the wearing of headscarves at schools are discussed again and again, especially in the CDU. In May, a headscarf ban on elementary schools in Austria also triggered a debate in Germany. The integration commissioner of the Federal Government, Annette Widmann-Mauz (CDU) announced to have a headscarf ban at elementary schools examined. CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said at the time that she considered the debate justified.