Berlin (dpa) - In the trial of two gynecologists who are said to have killed a child suffering from a severe brain injury in a twin birth with an injection, the district court on Tuesday (12.00 clock) announce a verdict. The charge is for manslaughter.

The prosecution estimates that the two defendants - a 58-year-old senior physician and a 73-year-old retired chief physician - injected lethal potassium chloride during birth through caesarean section. At this point in time, however, it was legally no longer permissible, since at the beginning of the birth, he was already a human and no longer a fetus. The prosecutor demanded punishment of 18 months in prison on probation.

The defenders argued that their clients had assumed a permitted late abortion on a medical indication. In civil law, the legal capacity of man begins with the completion of birth. The procedure for the birth in the summer of 2010 had come after an anonymous criminal complaint. The 58-year-old defendant had said during the trial that they wanted to find a safe path for the second fetus and not endanger the mother.