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Back in Niger on November 14, Hama Amadou, the main opponent of Niger, a possible presidential candidate of 2020, went himself to court in order to be imprisoned and serve the remaining eight months of his sentence. year in prison for trafficking babies. What political future for someone whose legal record prevents him from running for any elected position?

By putting himself at the disposal of justice to serve the rest of his sentence, according to several jurists, Hama Amadou, de facto accepts his sentence of one year in prison. The sentence having become final and without appeal, the only thing left to be done, it is said, is the execution of the sentence, eight months firm.

More blank record

Even if he will benefit from a presidential pardon, it is said that this will not change his political career. The offense will always remain, he will have a criminal record and will not be able to present to the Constitutional Court a virgin record, specifies a magistrate of high rank.

And as if to drive the point, the Nigerian justice has fallen a few months ago, of all his abilities to lead a political party. Just recently, after an internal crisis, his movement, the Moden Fa Lumana, ended up with a two-headed presidency, resulting from two congresses.

Only an amnesty can change his situation

Article 8 of the Electoral Code, voted by the National Assembly, does not play in his favor either. And even if this article is revised, according to a constitutionalist, the good character of the candidate is questioned, because impacted by the trafficking of Nigerian babies.

According to several observers, only an amnesty that is not currently on the agenda, it is said, will save the soldier Hama Amadou. But it remains to be seen whether 139 out of 171 deputies are ready to pass a law to amnesty the former speaker of Parliament, whom they themselves have dismissed through a motion.

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