Two new suspects were arrested in the investigation into the murdered lawyer Derk Wiersum, reports the Investigation Requested Tuesday.

How the men are involved in the murder has not yet been announced.

A suspect was arrested at the beginning of October, his identity was not brought out. It was also announced that a white Opel Combo on the morning of the liquidation probably served as a flight car. This vehicle was later found in Almere.

Wiersum probably shot for his work as a lawyer

Derk Wiersum was shot on September 18 near his house in the Amsterdam neighborhood of Buitenveldert. The fact that he was murdered because he assisted in the trial against Ridouan Taghi, Nabil B., is strongly taken into account.

Partly due to the shock this has caused, an extra large investigation team has been set up. The police already announced that more arrests would follow.

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