“The emphasis on the achievements of the longest administration”

Regarding the fact that Prime Minister Abe's tenure has been the longest in 19 days, Secretary of Secretary Jun emphasized the achievements made so far, such as improving the economic situation, at a press conference, while receiving criticism humbly, He expressed his desire to run the administration with a sense.

Prime Minister Abe's tenure was 19 days, and it was 2886 days in total with the first administration, along with the longest-running Prime Minister Keitaro and former Prime Minister.

Regarding this, Secretary of Secretary Jun said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, “I am honest that almost 7 years have passed in no time. “The top priority is the economy, and the economic situation has improved significantly.”

On top of that, there are many policy issues that are not easily advanced by ministries and agencies, indicating the direction of the government, and proceeding with the discussions. The inbound policy and export of agricultural products are typical examples. Emphasized the achievements of the Abe administration.

He also pointed out that Prime Minister Abe is “a very motivated and broad-minded person”.

On the other hand, the secretary of the secretary of the secretary said that the negative effects of the long-term administration have also been pointed out, “The responsibility to advance the national politics must be fulfilled with tension. "It is important to move forward with the policy while explaining carefully," he said, and expressed his desire to continue to operate the government with a sense of tension.