All Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are still banned from flying in the air due to two fatal accidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia, caused by technical defects.

On March 10, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed between Addis Ababa and Nairobi, killing 157 people.

Prior to that, a plane belonging to the company "Lion Air" of the same model, killing 189 people off the coast of Indonesia.

However, Boeing has received orders from Turkey and Kazakhstan to buy such aircraft on the sidelines of the Dubai Air Show, raising hopes for the company's reputation.

On Tuesday, Kazakhstan's Astana Airlines announced the signing of a "letter of intent" for the purchase of 30 Boeing 737s worth $ 3.6 billion.

Boeing said Kazakhstan's national air carrier plans to buy the Max 737-8 for its low-cost Fly Aristan.

"We have a close relationship with Boeing dating back to 2002, when we began operating two next-generation 737s," Chief Executive Peter Foster said in a statement.

“Our fleet today includes 757 and 767 aircraft and we are confident that, once safe return to service, the 737 MAX will be a solid base for Fly Aristan's growth and prosperity throughout our region.”

The final agreement is supposed to be signed in the coming months.

On Monday, Boeing announced a deal with Turkey's Sun Express Air Transport to supply 10 737 Max 8s worth $ 1.2 billion.

The deal with Turkish Sun Express raises hopes that the Max 737 will come back to life.

Renew trust
Analyst Dominique Perry said that although the order was limited to 10 planes, it was an indication of renewed confidence in the Max model.

Boeing is still restoring confidence in its aircraft after last year's crashes were linked to an automated system that prevented the crash, one of the company's biggest challenges since its inception nearly 103 years ago.

Last September, Boeing entered the final phase of implementing amendments it had requested to lift the 737 Max flight ban.

But Boeing suffered another blow when it announced in October that 50 737 NGs had been prevented from flying after cracks were detected in its hulls.

The NG is an earlier version of the 737 Max, which has been banned since March.