The films, according to the judgment, had significance for the relatively mild sentence of one and a half years in prison, because together with the woman's farewell letter they clearly show what she wanted. The prosecutor had pleaded for at least two years in prison.

At the same time, the films have had an impact on the district court's assessment of the woman's health.

The right: She could have done it herself

This is how the judgment says: “However, the recordings show that she was not physically incapable of using her body. For example, she could use her arms and hands, with which she handled the gas mask and pressed it to her face. "

The district court makes the assessment that the woman had been able to take her own life in some way and finds that the act cannot be assessed as aiding suicide.

Unusual evidence

That this type of evidence is made public is unusual, but the 63-year-old accused in connection with the trial was very clear that all the evidence would be shown and that nothing in the trial would happen behind closed doors.

For the sake of the people involved, we have exchanged the voices that appear in the films in the edited clip.