Taiwan presidential election Full-scale election campaign on issues such as distance to China November 18 16:43

Acceptance of the candidacy of the Taiwan presidential election to be held in January next year began on the 18th, and the mayor of Korea ’s Kaohsiung, the largest opposition and national party, reported. The president of the ruling and civilian parties, who are aiming for re-election, is also planning to report soon, and in the future, the election campaign around the two major parties will be in full swing with a sense of distance from China as a point of dispute.

In Taiwan, the candidacy of the presidential election held on January 11 next year will be held for five days from the 18th.

On the 18th of the first day, a candidate for the largest opposition party and national party with a harmonious position in China, South Korea's Mayor of South Korea, Vice-President candidate Zhang Yoshimasa and the Central Election Commission, filed a report. .

The Mayor of Han, who completed the report, said, “It is an election related to the life and death of 23 million people in Taiwan. If many people think that their current life is difficult, I can win,” says the administration to improve the living I complained that a change was necessary.

On the 18th, in addition to Han, Minoru opposition party and the top of the Democratic Party, Mr. Tsuji reported the candidacy.

From the ruling party and the Democratic Party, which are considered to be independent, the president-in-chief is planning to report soon.

In Taiwan, in addition to the Chinese government continuing to exert pressure on the Samurai government, the protests continued in Hong Kong, and there is a growing sense of alertness to China, especially among younger generations. The election campaign centered on the two major parties will be in full swing, with a sense of distance from China as a point of dispute.