In Quimperlé (Finistère), the sunflower nursery uses sign language to interact with children. A method usually reserved for deaf or hard of hearing people but here develop with young people valid. Invited from Europe 1, Auréline Benhenni, auxiliary in childcare, explains that this technique can limit the frustration of children.


If the week of employment for disabled people, which begins Monday, can enhance the professional insertion, it can also highlight what they can bring to the valid. In education, for example, sign language can make it easier to interact with young children. Guest of the morning of Europe 1, Auréline Benhenni uses this method in the manger Sunflowers in Quimperlé (Finistère). And for the auxiliary child care, it helps to cancel some frustration in the child.

Less anger

"It shows that there is less anger," says Auréline Benhenni. Since there is a "face-to-face relationship", the adult is "closer to the child". "He sees that he is shown interest, it is easier for him to express himself then, to understand us," describes the auxiliary childcare. An attention that totally transforms the relationship. Rather than talk to him harder, "we will make French signed" with the child, where each word is accompanied by a gesture. He will be able to "take the time to observe". Still, "the syntax of sign language is very complex," Auréline Benhenni relativizes. This is why the little girl or boy will not make "complete sentences", but just "basic signs", like polite phrases and ask to eat or drink.

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Training with an employee of the municipality

An approach, that the crèche of Quimperlé was able to undertake thanks to the help of an employee of the commune, "hearing-impaired". The staff spent a full day teaching sign language. "We took advantage of his disability," rejoices Auréline Benhenni. And the result is amazing, since the children who have the most trouble speaking usually are the most talkative. "They are the ones who record the best", decrypts the child helper for whom it is "great to see the ability of his children to memorize all the signs" they offer them.