The Russian state corporation Gazprom submitted to Naftogaz Ukrainy a formal proposal regarding the extension of the current agreement or the conclusion of a new contract on gas transit through Ukraine for a period of one year. A copy of the document was also sent to the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Oleksiy Orzhel and the Deputy Chairman of the European Commission Marosh Shefchovich.

As follows from the proposal of Gazprom, the Russian side has several conditions under which it will agree to maintain transit through Ukraine.

We are talking about the bilateral rejection of all mutual claims in international arbitration and the termination of all legal proceedings, the cancellation of the decision of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to impose a fine on Gazprom for "violation of economic competition." In addition, Naftogaz must withdraw the request to initiate an investigation by the European Commission against the Russian state corporation.

In addition, Moscow is awaiting Kiev’s decision regarding direct purchases of blue fuel from 2020. As previously noted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian side can count on a 25% discount.

Naftogaz’s executive director, Yuri Vitrenko, confirmed that the company had received Gazprom’s offer, will study it in the near future and give an answer

The head of state also called on both sides to get rid of mutual claims in order to reach an agreement on gas, since there is a risk of termination of transit through Ukraine. According to him, the Russian side is ready to conclude an agreement with Kiev with the assistance of the European Commission.

“Ukraine wants to regulate this according to Ukrainian laws - please, we are ready. Ukraine wants to regulate according to European laws, it has committed itself to adopt European legislation - we are ready, please. We told the European Commission about this, and I said this to my colleagues both in France and in Germany. If Ukraine manages to implement the legislation of European countries, please. There it is connected with the section of generating companies and transit companies. They will be able to do this in the remaining period of time - well. They made a commitment to Europe, not to us, even if they do, we are ready for this, ”Putin said on November 14.

Recall, on November 5, the head of Naftogaz Andriy Kobolev counted claims against Gazprom in the amount of $ 22 billion - this is a lawsuit for $ 12 billion, a fine from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in the amount of $ 7 billion allegedly “for abuse of the monopoly position on the Ukrainian gas transit market”, as well as the decision of the Stockholm arbitration of almost $ 3 billion, the dispute on which is still ongoing.

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Gazprom is committed to normal relations with Naftogaz

The First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy Igor Anansky called the offer a gesture of goodwill on the part of Gazprom, as well as an attempt to start relations from scratch.

Gazprom is committed to a normal, working relationship with Naftogaz. A direct contract with Gazprom is certainly cheaper. It seems to me that all the same, the mind should win and the contract should take place, ”the parliamentarian explained in an interview with RT.

Meanwhile, the director of the Energy Development Fund Sergey Pikin expressed doubt that the proposal of Gazprom will be accepted by Naftogaz.

“They already tasted the money. Even negotiations about this will not be conducted, because everyone at a high level has already spoken out on this issue from Ukraine. As for the extension period, the year, it now looks the most obvious, because Gazprom will definitely not agree to guarantee any volumes outside this period. The condition for refusal of mutual claims, in my opinion, is generally inoperative, ”the source said.

In turn, the leading expert of the National Energy Security Fund, a lecturer at the Financial University under the Government of Russia, Igor Yushkov, noted that it is difficult for the Russian side to interact with Naftogaz, which, despite the unbundling procedure (separation of the gas production company and the gas transmission system operator. - RT ), remains the main character in the negotiation process.

“The President outlined our negotiation framework - first, mutual claims must be removed: both Gazprom and Naftogaz must abandon any claims ... That is, this is the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, and fictitious antitrust fines, and completely incomprehensible $ 12 billion, which it is not clear where they came from. Ukrainians themselves are constantly changing the version that this is a $ 12 billion claim against Gazprom. It turns out that it is impossible to abandon this position. It turns out that the parties enter a certain clinch, ”the expert explained in an interview with RT.