During a cross-border drug campaign, a woman was arrested last week who smuggled 144 balls of cocaine by hiding it in her body, the federal police reported Monday. A scan in the hospital revealed 1,152 kilos of cocaine, which according to agents represents a street value of at least 57,600 euros.

Police and customs services from the Benelux countries and France participated in the day-long campaign. The French-Guyana woman was checked when she wanted to travel from Antwerp to Rotterdam on a Thalys train.

The biggest find was made on the E19 near the Belgian Minderhout. A Belgian man was thrown aside while he transported more than 8 kilos of marijuana, with a street value of at least 80,000 euros, the police said.

Later a Dutch motorist would also be arrested on the E19 who had hidden more than 56,000 euros in a hidden space in his car.

In total, the security services checked 1,309 vehicles and 1,659 people. Around 11 percent of them (183 people) were in possession of drugs. Ten people were arrested and the same number of vehicles were seized.


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