by Michela Coricelli 18 November 2019Thought opening for Wall Street: the Dow Jones up slightly to + 0.06% and the Nasdaq down by 0.20% highlighting the prudent attitude of investors waiting for real concrete developments on the US trade war -China.

In the meantime, European stock markets are going negative (with a single positive London exception of + 0.09%). Milan sells 0.64% in line with Paris at -0.54% and Frankfurt at -0.66%.

In Piazza Affari, on the Ftse Mib, five companies that are now dividing the dividend. In particular, Mediobanca sells almost three and a half points.
But FCA also weighs on the list - which loses 3% in the wake of Volkswagen's profit warning - and Cnh down nearly three points.
In general, the German automaker's estimates drag the whole European car industry down.

3.45 pm