Södertälje network

In 2011, the trial of nearly 20 men was initiated in the so-called Södertäljen network. The criminal network was charged with multiple murders, people robberies and blackmail. The trial went on for over half a year with a total of 62 negotiating days. However, a committee member was found to be in disarray and the trial was resumed. The new trial in Södertälje District Court lasted for over half a year with 72 negotiating days. The target is estimated to have cost around SEK 200 million.

The casino target in Uppsala

Over 100 people were indicted in the so-called casino case, which is about serious fraud and serious money laundering. According to the prosecution, the fraud is almost SEK 50 million and the designated principal has previously been convicted of fraud. The trial began in April of this year and ended in early October, totaling about 60 negotiating days. They will only be announced in January next year. For Uppsala District Court, the case is the largest so far and the court was forced to seek extra money from the Court of Justice to be able to conduct the trial.

Home Services Heritage in Södertälje

More than 30 people were prosecuted for cheating the municipality and the Swedish Public Employment Service for SEK million for home service that was never performed and start-up grants. The extensive preliminary investigation was 27,000 pages. The trial in Södertälje District Court, which ended in June 2016, went on for over a year with 92 negotiating days. Only legal fees in the district court ended up at SEK 100 million.

The net pedophile from Ulricehamn

The man in his 50s was indicted in 2016 for 650 sex offenses against 114 girls online, the preliminary investigation was in excess of 10,000 pages. The trial lasted for 46 days of negotiations over just over four months and was then described as the largest in the history of Borås district court. The man was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment in the district court, the High Court then sharpened the sentence to eight years in prison.

doping Hank

In total, nearly 60 people were convicted in the network for having manufactured, smuggled and sold doping drugs. The trial in Sundsvall District Court lasted for seven months and ended in June 2011. Only the costs for attorneys in the district court amounted to SEK 58 million, since the case in the Supreme Court continued.