• Iran. Gas protests. Media: "There are several deaths". 40 arrests in Yazd
  • Iran protests, announcement of the Pasdaran leader: "The sedition is over"


November 18, 2019The Iranian security forces have today dispersed new protests against expensive gasoline in the capital Tehran, firing teargas and stinging chilli gasses at protesters.

Some witnesses to the clashes report it to ANSA.

According to the Tehran executive spokesman, the participation rate in the protests has dropped by 80% compared to yesterday and in the next few hours internet access should be released in the country, after the restrictions imposed in recent days.

The Iranian agency Mehr speaks of 87,000 people who have so far participated in demonstrations and clashes in various locations in the country.

Berlin calls for "dialogue"
The German government has urged the Iranian authorities to respect the "legitimate" protests against the increase in petrol that are shaking the Islamic Republic and to respond to the demonstrators with "dialogue". "We urge the government of Tehran to respect freedom of assembly and expression," spokeswoman Angela Merkel, Ulrike Demmer, said during a press conference that Germany is following the events "with concern". "It is legitimate and deserves our respect when people courageously express their economic and political grievances as is currently happening in Iran," added Demmer stressing that the Iranian government should respond "with the willingness to engage in dialogue".

France calls for freedom of expulsion
France is "carefully" following the demonstrations taking place in various cities of Iran and "regrets the death of several demonstrators in recent days". This was stated by the Foreign Ministry of Paris in a note on the protests that erupted in the Islamic Republic against the increase in gasoline. At the same time, the Quai d'Orsay reaffirmed "its commitment to respect freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate peacefully".