Balbek called Poroshenko’s decision to blame Russia “political move”.

“Today's Ukrainian authorities and government agencies are hard to even suspect of sympathy for Russia, and even more so they take doubts about the allegedly Russian order that the main investigative center of the country accepted for execution. Poroshenko uses a political move to avoid prosecution for ordinary criminality and corruption, ”Balbek said.

He also noted that the investigation into Poroshenko will be focused solely on his activities during the presidency.

“I think that Ukrainian investigators want to ask the ex-president, not on an alleged Russian order, but on exclusively Ukrainian legal issues regarding the defense, economic and other areas of the state’s activities during his reign,” the parliamentarian added.

Accusations against Russia, according to Balbek, can be assessed as an attempt to earn additional political points.

“Moreover, today he (Poroshenko. - RT ), frankly, is not the most influential figure in the Ukrainian establishment, and with such statements he is trying to get himself a“ place in the sun, ”the deputy added.

Poroshenko previously called his suspicion “a Russian order to harm the reputation of the fifth president.”

The GDB sent a draft notice of suspicion to Poroshenko to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. The document says "about the suspicion of the fifth president of Ukraine in committing criminal offenses under Part 3 of Art. 109 and h. 2 Article 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. "