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On the front page of the press this morning, the increasingly tense situation in Hong Kong, where the Polytechnic University has become the heart of the demonstrations.

According to The South China Morning Post , the police and protesters face off against one another, after the protesters lit fires last night to prevent police from entering the buildings. A confrontation in which the British MP Lord Alton, said to see the beginnings of a new Tien An Men, in a forum published by the website Hong Kong Free Press , where he calls his compatriots to support pro-democracy demonstrators, confronted, according to he, to the "authoritarian" and "heavy" repression of Beijing. The Chinese regime, it increases every day a little more the tone - as evidenced by the call, this morning, of the daily newspaper The China Daily , which demands the establishment of the state of emergency in Hong Kong, in denouncing "the tyranny of destructive anarchy and the vicious cycle of violence", perpetrated by the protesters.

The official Chinese press is also responding to the revelations of the New York Times weekend about the ongoing crackdown in Xinjiang, a region that hosts a large Muslim minority. Faced with the publication of these documents, provided by "a member of the Chinese political elite" to the American daily, and where President Xi Jinping calls the cadres of the Communist Party to a "total struggle" against terrorism, and to show "Absolutely no mercy," The Global Times responded by accusing "Western elites of actually wanting Xinjiang to sink into extreme violence and chaos." "But terrorism has been phased out thanks to the education and training centers" put in place, "for a minimum social cost," says the official newspaper, about the concentration and re-education camps where Beijing has locked up million Uyghurs. These claims are categorically denied in the French daily Libération by Maya Wang, a researcher at the NGO Human Rights Watch, who believes that the documents published by The New York Times prove "the immense human suffering" suffered by the Muslim minority Uyghur suffering on which the international community "will no longer be able to close his eyes", according to Libé.

The French press is also back this morning on the first anniversary of the "yellow vests" - demonstrations, sometimes violent, took place everywhere in France, this weekend. A year later, "the reasons for anger are still there", according to L'Humanité , who dreams of seeing emerge a "spirit of convergence" of struggles, December 5, on the occasion of the day of strike in public transport, against the reform of the pension system. A year later, "a conflict in the stalemate," headlines L'Opinion , which recalls that President Macron "injected 17 billion euros in purchasing power", last December, to respond to the movement of yellow vests .

In the UK, Prince Andrew's interview about his relationship with US pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, broadcast Saturday night, turned into a media fiasco. Summoned to explain his relationship with the billionaire died in prison, the younger brother of Prince Charles has not convinced the press across the Channel - which refers unanimously to the image of the Times , a "bus -crash "interview, a catastrophic interview for Prince Andrew, who continues to deny having raped a young woman while she was a minor. An interview that provoked "disbelief and fury on both sides of the Atlantic," according to The Guardian , which reports that the defense of the alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein, for which the Duke of York did not had a single word, the "sum of their apologies". In addition to media pressure, Prince Andrew is also facing American justice. According to The I , the FBI might decide to question Prince Andrew if he decided to go to the United States.

British cartoonists go wild. Bob Moran mocks the efforts of the royal family to try to extinguish the media fire around his offspring, nicknamed "Randy Andy", "Aandy the hot rabbit" across the Channel, by his detractors. "Andrew's pants are on fire, hurry up, hurry up," Queen Elizabeth asks her coachman. "The plebs will never understand the degree of honor to continue to visit the house of a convicted rapist, for practical reasons," says Prince Andrew the cartoonist Ben Jennings. "The proletarians really have no sense," agrees Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the pro-Brexit Conservatives. Two drawings published on Twitter .

Still in the scabrous section, although in a much less dramatic register, I invite you to throw an eyelash to Slate , who informs you that no, the "no nut challenge" movement, the challenge currently facing thousands of participants around the world , which consists of refraining from any ejaculation throughout the month of November, to better learn to control and appreciate his sexuality. Be aware that this approach does not make sense, in fact, because it will not necessarily produce the desired effect. The benefits of abstinence, says Slate, are not proven by the scientific community. That being said, do what you please ...

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