The American fast food brand is involved in the fight against plastic waste and removes the straw from its nearly 1,500 restaurants throughout France. From now on, the cups will be provided with a lid with a spout.

A small revolution is starting Monday McDonald's. According to Le Figaro in its edition of the day, McDo distributes 600 million per year. For the NGO Seas at Risk, relayed by BFM TV , it is even more: 3.2 billion each year. The plastic straws disappear from Monday of 1,470 restaurants of the brand of fast food, under the pressure of the "plastic bashing". The revolution is on. From now on, you will have to drink your drink directly by the glass.

Replaced by a recyclable lid

Because the straws are not actually replaced. The drink is poured into a cup, equipped with a recyclable cover in natural paper fiber with a spout. The challenge has been to find a container that does not spill when transported, or when it is used by children. It took two years of research at McDonald's. But innovation will reduce 1,200 tons of plastic use in fast food restaurants. Among the competitors, other choices have been made. Like Burger King, who preferred to set his sights on paper straws.

© McDonald's

More plastic cutlery

Committed to a "zero plastic packaging" plan, McDonald's continues to drive single-use polluting packaging out of its dining rooms. The majority will be made of recycled paper and cardboard or sustainable certified forests. This will start early next year. More plastic cutlery so, but wooden. It will also mourn the ice lids McFlurry, which between us were not used much.