Drug “Gateway” ~ MDMA Real Fear ~ November 18 21:08

Colorful and variously shaped “looks pretty” tablets. It is a well-defined drug that squeezes the mind and body. However, there are always cases in which you feel your hands lightly. What is the real horror that is also called the “gateway” of drugs? (Network reporter Rie Oishi Akihiko Kanno / Okayama station reporter Sakaguchi Mikaho / Mito station reporter Saito Satoshi)

"I have been using drugs for over 10 years"

It is the words that actor Sawajiri Erika said to police investigation.
It was MDMA, a synthetic drug, allegedly possessed by her.

Don't be fooled by “cuteness”

“It is characterized by colorful colors and engravings of various patterns. At first glance, it looks like a ramune confection, not a drug.”

About MDMA, the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Drug Enforcement Department writes:

Certainly it doesn't look like a “drug”.

However, from the cuteness of the appearance, a terrible effect that cannot be imagined has been pointed out.

“Temporary euphoria and temporary hallucinations, but continued abuse causes mental confusion and memory impairment.”
“Causes heart attacks, strokes, and seizures.”

(Website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Drug Enforcement Department)

Chemically produced drugs

According to Mr. Shohei Furuyama of the “Forensic Science Research Institute” that conducts the examination of medicinal toxicants, MDMA is made by synthesizing multiple chemical substances, unlike those made from plants such as cocaine and cannabis. .

Many of the items on the market are in the form of tablets rather than powder, and it is common to take them by mouth and inoculate them.

Experienced person talks

What happens if you use MDMA?

I was able to hear from a man who once worked on MDMA.

Mr. Kotaro Toeda (48), who operates a rehabilitation facility for drug addiction people in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, told me.

One after another for every drug ...

When he was 19 years old, he was recommended by a friend to use cannabis, and until 31 he used all kinds of drugs such as cannabis, stimulants, MDMA and cocaine.

Arrested for violation of Cannabis Control Law at the age of 23.

I regretted and vowed to myself that I would never use it again, but after the postponement period, I started working on the drug again.

Later, when I was 26, I used MDMA for the first time.

The price is around 5000 yen per tablet.
At that time, 1996.
It was around the time when MDMA was called “Ecstasy” and circulated in Japan.

Uplifting feeling like a rising dragon

“I think it depends on the constitution, but in my case it seemed that the gravity was halved, the skin feeling changed, and it became a rising dragon.”

Another drug in the meantime

MDMA, also called “party drug”, is seen to be popular among young people.

According to Mr. Jueda, MDMA is resistant to regular use, so after using it once, it was left for at least a week.

“There are people who put their hands on other drugs while they are free. By the way, I was smoking cannabis in the meantime” (Mr. Jueda)

I quit my job ... and was hospitalized

Toeda-san was unable to keep his promise even after taking a job due to drug addiction.

He has been repeatedly admitted to a psychiatric hospital, becoming physically and mentally in a state of bottom.

Get rid of drugs with support

If this isn't possible, she entered Okinawa Dark, who supported drug-dependent people, after her second hospitalization.

Since then, he has been taking drugs for 18 years.

Currently, as a representative of the rehabilitation facility “Tateyama Daruku” in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, we are working to recover drug dependents.

“If you can avoid the drug once, you do n’t need to lose anything. However, if you do it once, you ’re likely to lose everything. Friends, partners, money, work. is"

Women who have changed their lives with their relatives ’drug use

MDMA involves the family and relatives as well as the parties who use them, and changes their lives and relationships.

A woman in her 20s living in western Japan whose aunt used MDMA.

When a woman was 10 years old, she visited her aunt's house where she lived with her grandparents, and she was shown a colorful MDMA in a pill case.

Surprisingly, the aunt recommended to a woman who was an elementary school student at that time, “If you use it, you will lose money.

A woman had seen MDMA in a school class and soon realized it was a drug.

“At school, I learned that drugs are often recommended by busy streets and strangers, so I was surprised by my family. Some of them were designed with letters such as“ Niko Niko Mark ”and“ UK ”. I thought she was cute, but she refused because her aunt was afraid. ''

The aunt, who relied on drugs, said she had also committed crimes, such as withdrawing cash from her grandparents bank account and stealing money from a supermarket cash register to buy drugs.

In addition, the amount of money for home loans will continue to buy drugs repeatedly, and grandparents will leave their homes, and there is little contact now.

My parents divorced after my aunt's drug dependence.

A woman who couldn't consult with others told me the painful feelings at that time.

"Know the fear of family involvement"

“My parents asked me to stop taking drugs, and my aunt didn't give up, and I was betrayed as a family member. I want to know the fear that drugs will involve my family. ''

Rapid increase in the last 5 years

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the seizure rate of MDMA varies from year to year, but it has increased sharply over the past five years.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Monitoring Guidance / Narcotics Countermeasures Division, dangerous drugs that were called “developed drugs” or “developed herbs” were popular around 2013.

People who used MDMA until then switched to dangerous drugs, but if dangerous drugs are banned in 2014, more people are going to start MDMA again.

Successive arrests Actors ... Musicians ... Junior high school students

The use of MDMA is constantly on the rise and celebrity arrests continue.

In 2009, a former actor's man was arrested for using MDMA, and the woman who was using it at the time died of addiction.

In 2014, a singer man was arrested on suspicion of using stimulants and MDMA.

More recently, in March, a third-year junior high school girl was arrested and sent for possession of cannabis and MDMA at home.

"Drug Gateway"

Satoshi Numazawa, Professor of Pharmacy at Showa University, who is familiar with drugs, is positioned as a “gateway” (entrance) to reach out to high-risk drugs as a result of the use of MDMA. "I can't do it."

I put out my hand like a fashion

According to Professor Numazawa, MDMA is similar in chemical structure to stimulants, and it began to be distributed in Japan as an alternative to stimulants in the late 1980s.

At that time, the law that regulates was not in place, so it is widely used and used.

Compared to stimulants, it has a lower excitement effect, but it has a stronger sense of sharpness and is often used for music events and sexual acts.

Prof. Numazawa said, “MDMA has the image of being a mild drug, and it has a tendency to come out like a fashion because it has been used by foreign entertainers. There is a current situation. "

Damage to mind and body is the same as other drugs

Professor Numazawa says that when used for a long period of time, nerves are destroyed like chronic drugs, chronic symptoms such as hallucinations and hallucinations appear, and diseases such as the liver occur.

In addition, it is said that there is a risk of death if consumed in large quantities at once.

Prof. Numazawa said, “MDMA gradually becomes ineffective during abuse, so there is a risk that it may be used repeatedly or use stronger drugs. MDMA is a dangerous drug. It ’s important to have it. ”

There is only one way to keep yourself

Mr. Jueda of Tateyama Daruku, who once used drugs and is currently working hard to recover the dependents.

I haven't worked on drugs for 18 years.

Still, “I'm going to cut it off, but I don't know the future yet.”

A drug that is not easy to cut off once you get close.

“Do not start from the beginning” is the only way to keep yourself from being destroyed.