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In Senegal, a man gives his person to raise awareness of the ravages of plastic: Modou Fall, nicknamed "the plastic man", made costumes from bags and cups of recovery. With his NGO "Clean Senegal", this forty-year-old organizes events dressed in his plastic outfit.

At the Dakar market, Modou Fall is sweating under his gear. Covered with plastic bags from head to toe, he offers barter. " We are going to look for traders or people with plastic bags to make an exchange with paper bags, " he says.

For Babacar, Senegal Clean association, we must mark the spirits by " showing that the plastic will eat us ".

Modou Fall, a former soldier, has changed his fight since the army. " It's poison," he insists. No recycling. Stop producing plastic bags. The plastic man wanders in the middle of the crowd who turns in his way. Some move away with a smile, others play the game and chat with Modou Fall.

At the end of the day, all paper bags were distributed. But the other pet peeve of Modou Fall and his comrades are the bags of water: immediately bus, immediately discarded.

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