Ras Al Khaimah, UAE - A criminal court in Ras Al Khaimah on Wednesday tried to threaten a Gulf Arab man accused of insulting a girl of Arab nationality.

According to the indictment of the prosecution, the defendant insulted the victim before the court door and threatened her due to financial differences between them.

The defendant denied the charges against him and stated that the complainant's complaint was malicious and denied that he had insulted or threatened her, pointing out that he did not describe her as "crazy" or "animal."

The defendant explained that there are financial differences between him and the victim, where he asked him to print some documents in one of his printing offices in front of the court building, and refused to pay printing fees, which led to disputes between them.

The next session set a date for the verdict.

The court also considered the case of a Gulf man accused of seizing 175,000 dirhams from a Gulf youth, and accused him of doubling the amount of money within several months by investing in a private company.

The defendant denied the charges and stated that he did not take any money from the victim and that he was a victim of fraud by a private company as well as the victim.

He explained that he identified a private investment company that is doubling the funds by investing in a number of projects. And invest their money in them.

He added that he was surprised that the company changed its business and was unable to collect any money from them.

He pointed out that there is no evidence that he received money from the victim, and that there is no relationship between him and the investment company, and that the victim had to sue the company for his money because they seized their money together and did not comply with the agreed terms, and the court postponed the case for pronunciation In the verdict for the next hearing.