November 15, 2019 Trevi Fountain is shielded to ensure greater security and protection of cultural assets, but also to counteract the phenomena of commercial illegal activity. The proposal of the Capitoline majority, expressed in a motion that will soon arrive in the court Giulio Cesare, provides for checks by the local Police at the five access roads to the Trevi Fountain to regulate and filter the inflows in stages, the creation of a protective barrier to be placed at poolside to prevent visitors from sitting, an increase in local police patrols on foot.

The motion, which Agenzia Nova has previewed, calls for a commitment to the mayor and the council "to design and build a protective barrier for the Trevi Fountain basin that prevents sitting on the edge of the fountain according to the technical requirements provided by the superintendencies competent "and" to give instructions to the local Police to establish an enhanced fixed garrison, which also includes the control of access routes to the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum area, and a continuous patrol on foot of via dei Fori Imperiali, via del Corso, via del Babuino, via dei Condotti and piazza di Spagna ".

The idea was launched today, following several inspections carried out in recent months, by the president of the Rome Trade Commission, Andrea Coia, also the first signatory of the motion in today's session. Coia explained that "the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum are two places particularly affected by the phenomena of abusiveness and by the inattention of tourists and passers-by. The new regulation of the local Police already has the prohibition to sit on the monuments but the agents still have to pass the day makes people get up, and the presence of so many people jeopardize their safety, just think of pickpocketing, and makes it difficult for agents to check for abusive sales ".

Regarding the control of access flows on the Trevi Fountain "on the five ways of entry and exit is something that can be done with one or two agents on each entrance. You can calculate a maximum number of presences allowed at the same time and therefore regular and filter flows ", explains Coia. Calculating two daily shifts would be a use of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 agents per day. However the hypothesis is to be evaluated because it will be postponed to the successive considerations that the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi will do and the junta together with the local Police. A further indication that could be added instead to the address that will be registered today is the request to the council for a commitment to communicate in a more effective manner the safety and decorum rules in the sites considered UNESCO heritage sites.