Direct report · Should politicians' salaries be lowered when the municipality must save?


19 min

Do you think politicians should lower their fees when the municipality needs to save? Why? Please motivate your opinion!

SVT · Anna Wikman

1 min07.39

When politicians cut into school and give themselves index increases in wages, it rims badly! Of course, these people who work hard for Gothenburg and the Gothenburg citizens should have paid well, but right now with the budget that has gone through, they should not raise the compensation!


21 min07.19

I myself am politically active in municipal politics in western Sweden and see no problems with lower fees. I see it as a trust assignment that one should be proud to perform at whatever level of compensation. Rarely do I share opinion with v and mp, but think it is difficult to go through their suggestions


21 min07.19


Bengt Söderström