Berlin (dpa) - CO2 price, higher airline ticket tax, more support for commuting and renovating houses, a Climate Protection Act: The Bundestag decides today a large part of the climate package.

Against the plans of Union and SPD there is considerable resistance in the opposition and in the provinces. It is therefore quite possible that the Federal Council will change something at one point or another - although the Land Chamber can only delay many of the laws, not prevent them. The Union and SPD are thus implementing the Climate Protection Program 2030, which aims to ensure that Germany complies with its 2030 climate target.

The AFD will be debating four applications on Friday dealing with the situation in Syria. The right-wing populists want the EU sanctions to be lifted. Germany is said to be involved in the reconstruction of the country destroyed by the war. The Federal Government rejects this, as long as there is no political agreement, which also takes into account the interests of the opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.