Kurdo Baksi has long been committed to the release of Swedish-Chinese publisher Gui Minhai. After the latest statements from China's ambassador where he threatens Sweden with consequences if the government participates when Minhai receives the prize from Swedish PEN, he is now upset and surprised.

- I have been monitoring many despotic states, but I have never been involved in an ambassador exerting pressure on a price to be recovered in this way, says Kurdo Baksi.

In the interview with Swedish radio, Ambassador Gui Congyou says that Gui Minhai lied about China and attacked the Chinese government.

- I am puzzled and shocked that an ambassador takes the liberty to speak out about a man who cannot defend himself and is not even convicted, says Kurdo Baksi.

Want the ambassador to leave

Baksi now thinks that Gui Congyou should quit his job.

- He should be declared persona non grata and not gain continued trust.

The ambassador also said that "some people should not expect everything to continue as usual after hurting the feelings of the Chinese people and China's interest".

Do you feel that the threat is directed at you?

- Yes, it is a warning to stop engaging in Gui Minhai's freedom. But I feel more motivated than ever to work for it. I and the organizations involved in the issue will not be afraid of an aggressive ambassador.