Rain is expected everywhere in France on Thursday, there will also be snowfall at low altitude in the east and in the Pyrenean mountains. Several departments were placed on alert orange snow ice.

The weather will be very rainy Thursday across the country with low-level snowfall in the east, according to forecasts Wednesday Météo-France. Three departments were placed in vigilance orange snow ice, Drôme, Isère and Ain. In the morning, the disturbance will extend from the Pyrenees to the Northeast, with fairly steady rains. On the Pyrenean mountains, snowfall is expected from 800-900 m, and about 800 m on the Limousin. On the east side, the weather will remain disturbed all day.

On the North-East, some snow falls will fall from the Jura to the Vosges at low altitude, with larger quantities on the Jura in the evening. On the Provence and in the Rhone Valley, the rains will strengthen at midday, taking a stormy character, with snow between 400-600 m in the southern Alps and to the plain on departments in orange vigilance. We wait between 20 and 30 cm to 500 m on the east of the Rhone. On the Massif Central, the first flakes will appear around 400-500 m, with significant quantities from 600 m.

Wind gusts between 60 and 80 km / h on the coasts of Provence

On Corsica, the day will take place under a variable sky. The rains will win the island in the early evening. Many showers will occur from the southwest to the center, sometimes as sleet. We will still find some flakes on the Pyrenees and Limousin. From the Pays de Loire to the Hauts-de-France, thinnings will develop. The waves will be more numerous from Brittany to the coast of Manche. The westerly wind is sustained on the coasts of Provence with gusts between 60 and 80 km / h.

Faint frosts are expected on the Massif Central. It will be in the morning between 0 and 3 degrees from Burgundy to Alsace Lorraine and the Loire Valley to Normandy, from 2 to 6 degrees on the rest of the country and 5 to 10 degrees on the Mediterranean. In the afternoon temperatures will be between 5 and 10 degrees in general, and 10 to 17 degrees in the Southeast.