Evoking a possible "resentment" of the former employee with the dying woman of his client, Pierre Joxe, the lawyer Jean-Yves Dupeux rejects the facts of harassment and sexual assault for which the former minister of the Interior is subject to an investigation by the Paris prosecutor's office. He explains it about Europe 1.

Concerned by an investigation by the Paris public prosecutor's office for sexual harassment and assault, Pierre Joxe denies the facts alleged against him by the complainant, 40-year-old Ritha, who was then employed as a caregiver for her dying wife. "He totally disputes everything that can be said by this young woman who has been a life helper of his wife who has died today and who has not really done the trick," explains Jean-Yves Dupeux , the lawyer of the former Minister of the Interior.

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"A conventional dismissal occurred shortly before the death of Ms. Joxe," the council continues. "Perhaps it is a resentment that it manifests as well" accusing the former minister of having put "hands on the buttocks" and "raised his T-shirt", in the words of the plaintiff's lawyer , contacted by Europe 1.

"False and unfounded" accusations

But in this case, "Pierre Joxe seems pretty serene," says Jean-Yves Dupeux. "It's always extremely boring to hear false and unfounded accusations of sexual assault against you, or whatever ..." He knows very well that things have not happened like that, and he will defend himself very easily. "

The defense of Pierre Joxe also accuses the camp of the complainant to make a complaint while the former minister attacks libel Monday writer Ariane Fornia, the daughter of former Minister Eric Besson, who accuses him of sexual assault in 2010. "There is still a coincidence of dates that is quite troubling," denounces the lawyer.