North Korean workers call for sanctions resolution to be repatriated within the year UN 14 November 10:43

The UN Security Council's meeting on sanctions against North Korea was held, and the German UN ambassador, chaired by the UN, read a statement calling on the international community to repatriate North Korean workers by the end of this year, including China and Russia. With that in mind, we demanded the steady implementation of sanctions resolutions.

The UN Security Council ’s North Korean Sanctions Committee, which discusses the effects and impacts of sanctions on North Korea, will be held privately at the United Nations on the 13th. And read a statement in front of the reporters.

Heisgen, the UN ambassador, said, “Since May, North Korea has fired ballistic missiles 12 times, including those estimated to be medium distance. This is an act that undermines the peace and stability of the region, and the Security Council. “It ’s an obvious violation of the resolution,” he accused North Korea of ​​launching again.

On top of that, China called the international community to strictly comply with Security Council sanctions resolutions, including the repatriation of North Korean workers to their home country by December 22, and China is working on North Korean workers He urged steady implementation of sanctions resolutions with Russia and Russia in mind.

The statement comes from three countries, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France, and does not indicate the consensus of the Security Council. Friendship countries of North Korea, such as China and Russia, which are closely related to North Korea, strictly comply with sanctions resolutions. Whether or not to do so is still uncertain.