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On June 22nd, the President of the Amhara Regional State was killed along with two other senior officials. A few hours later, the Chief of Staff of the Federal Army also fell in Addis Ababa under the bullets of his bodyguard. After more than five months of investigation, the Ethiopian authorities claim that the next target was the Deputy Chief of Staff.

Investigations into political killings in late June are over. It was the federal Minister of Justice who made the announcement on Wednesday, November 13. The Attorney General confirms that this was a coup attempt.

According to him, 110 people would have followed a specific training in preparation for these attacks. Berhanu TsegayƩ says that they come mainly from the Amhara region but also from the federal capital, and southern or western parts of the country.

Police seized weapons, mobile phones, local and foreign currency and vehicles. 22 bank accounts were frozen. In all, 78 people will be charged by the end of the week according to the official television Fana.

Asaminew Tsige appointed as head of the conspiracy

According to the Federal Minister of Justice, the thinking head of the plot was Asaminew Tsige. This soldier made prison time predecessors of Abiy Ahmed . He was then granted an amnesty and became chief of security in the Amhara region. Radicalized, nationalist, he would therefore have planned authorities against the regional power that was apparently preparing to stop it.

Many Amharas activists, however, dispute this version. Asaminew Tsige is seen as a hero victim of a political game orchestrated by the prime minister to weaken the nationalist camp amhara.

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