Pityriasis rosea is a skin disease. What are its causes and symptoms? How can it be treated?

To answer these questions, Dr. Christoph Lebesche explained that pink bran is an acute rash in the form of red spots, which can be accompanied by itching.

The German dermatologist added that the cause of pink bran is unknown, as it is a harmless disease and heals on its own, often occurs once in a lifetime.

Mother spot
The symptoms of the disease begin to appear in the form of a single spot known as the mother spot or the vanguard spot, after which the rash occurs with the appearance of small spots, mostly oval and reddish color with the appearance of scales on them.

In general, this rash appears more in the trunk area, rarely extending to the arms and legs.

For his part, the German doctor Uwe Baubert that patients do not suffer from fever or any other accompanying symptoms, however, some may suffer from annoying itching, which may extend for nearly three months. The cause of the disease is unknown, but doctors say it is probably due to the herpes virus.

The factors that boost the incidence of pink bran are largely unknown, but the likelihood of the disease increases with stress, and people can not do much to cure the disease, he disappears on his own just as it came.

Shower with cold water
German pharmacist Ursula Zellerberg noted that itchiness can be alleviated by simple measures such as staying away from long-term showers or hot-water showers, where it is best to shower in cold water for a short time. It is also useful to use moisturizing care cream several times during the day.

In the case of severe itching, patients can use allergy medications or so-called antihistamines or corticosteroids, taking into account the use of corticosteroids in the affected areas only.

Exclude other diseases
Although this disease is not harmful, you should consult your doctor to rule out other diseases such as sexually transmitted syphilis, whose symptoms are similar to pink bran disease, but it threatens the life of the patient if not treated.

Diseases to be excluded also include skin fungi, measles, rash caused by antibiotic abuse, allergic responses, rubella and scarlet fever. Insect bites can also cause symptoms similar to pink bran.