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The Lady Co Taxi app was launched in Baghdad to transport women and girls. The project is supervised by a women cadre.

"The idea of ​​the project aims at empowering women and making them an effective element in society," said Shahad Mohammed, executive director of the project. "The woman here will support herself and her family, take care of herself and not become a burden on society."

"The idea is new and did not exist previously in Iraq, that there should be a means of transport dedicated to women and children, and women driving to the cars of the company, so the demand was high by girls and women, especially since the service provided is convenient."

She continued, "The company is keen to choose the drivers very carefully, the application will cover all provinces of Iraq, to ​​provide a greater service to the community in general and women in particular."

"This idea may protect women from harassment or harassment by taxi drivers, so it is a good step for women in general, whether as a driver working for the company, because it provides a job opportunity," says Omar Aziz, an employee of Karim. As a user of the application, providing protection and security while roaming. "

The first female taxi in Baghdad (Al-Jazeera)

Encourage and welcome
Baidaa Anwar, a female taxi driver, starts her day from 7 am as her journey starts in the streets of Baghdad to take employees and school students to their places.``When I found out that there was a company to deliver women in need of drivers for the company's cars, I was quick to apply, '' she says.

"I am happy with my work, and I am trying to prove my worth by sticking to time," she said.

Baida echoes the Iraqi street and accepts the idea, as a taxi driver, that it has been welcomed by citizens, and even traffic police, by offering help if any problem, the words of encouragement also come from ordinary taxi drivers.

Women's leadership is safer
Sahar Samir, a customer of the application "Lady Co," transmits to the island Net experience and says that she was in dire need of such an application, because it provides her with security and freedom of movement for her and her family, and sometimes requests him in order to get her children to school, because women driving the car more cautious than men , Especially with children, she put it.