Reports about it "112 Ukraine".

It is clarified that those who came to the demonstration decided to make an impromptu performance: they brought a dead pig under the walls of the parliament, put it in a coffin and plan to bury the animal near Constitution Square.

“In this way, they express their protest against the bill, because after its adoption they will have to cut their cattle in order to raise money and compete with large agricultural holdings,” the channel said.

Earlier, the press secretary of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, Yulia Mendel, commenting on the bill to open a land market in Ukraine, wrote in her column that foreigners are better at managing Ukrainian land than Ukrainians themselves.

In November, the World Bank expressed its support for land reform in Ukraine, under which the country will open an agricultural land market.

In October, the sociological group "Rating" published a poll that showed that 73% of Ukrainians are against lifting a moratorium on land sales.

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