“Firstly, Crimeans do not know any Ukrainian“ representative of the president in Crimea. ” Secondly, an attempt to intervene in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation is repeatedly repeated by the Ukrainian government. Naturally, such statements have no consequences, ”Hempel noted.

He also emphasized that the Crimean bridge was built lawfully and taking into account all environmental requirements.

“Today, the dirty lies that they throw into the information field, we Crimeans simply do not perceive,” concluded Hempel.

Earlier, Korinevich promised that Kiev would respond to Russia's launch of rail traffic on the Crimean bridge.

He added that the Crimean bridge “was built illegally” and “causes some environmental damage” to the region.

Crimea became the Russian region after the 2014 referendum, in which the majority of the peninsula's people supported reunification with Russia.