The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation upheld an appeal ruling that fined Dh140,000 for breaching its functions and failing to provide the necessary protective measures to protect workers.This resulted in the injury of a worker as a result of his significant fall, and the court rejected the appeal filed by the company.

The details of the case are due to the attribution of the Public Prosecution to the company that it mistakenly caused the injury of the victim.This was due to its violation of the duties imposed by its job assets for not providing the necessary means of protection to protect the victim from the dangers of work, which led to his fall from the top while performing his duties. She demanded that she be punished according to the articles of the Federal Penal Code.

The Court of First Instance had ruled that the accused company should be fined 10,000 dirhams, and the company appealed the judgment. Otherwise, the company objected and the opposition court ruled that the opposition was not, and stabbed

The company's agent in the verdict of cassation, the valuable prosecutor filed a memorandum at the end of the decision to reject the appeal.

The company called on the verdict against him, that he did not indicate the elements of the crime, which he condemned and did not show the error attributed to them, as well as obliging him to pay the amount of 140 thousand dirhams in compensation to the victim, although it was appealed and was harmed by its appeal.

The Court of Cassation, in its ruling, stated that the trial court is free to draw its conviction to prove the crime from any evidence that assures it as long as this evidence has its proper documents, pointing out that the application of the provisions of Islamic law does not harm anyone. Therefore, the mourning of the company to rule by mistake shall be on a baseless basis and shall be rejected. The court rejected the appeal and obliged the appellant to pay the due fees and the expenses of the insurance amount.