Safety margin in the European flagship project: The troop carrier A400M from the manufacturer Airbus loosen screws. These connect the outgoing from the propeller shaft shaft with the propeller. As the Spiegel reported at first, the shortage of an A400M in France had been noticed. The Bundeswehr then refuses to take over two transporters already produced. The Ministry of Defense confirmed the report.

A spokesman said the paper said Airbus must "ensure that the A400M is fully operational before delivery, including removing the lack of propeller". Accordingly, the 31 aircraft that have already been delivered to the Bundeswehr, now checked.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense told the German Press Agency that the screws are tightened according to the investigations with an uneven torque. In operation, this could lead to possible structural damage. There are additional In the investigation, it is now about 24 screws per propeller. The machines would have to stay on the ground for a day. It would take about 30 man hours to fix the problem. The Air Force could fulfill their orders but.

The A400M is considered the most modern military transporter in the world. Upon completion, however, there were years of delays. The delivery of the aircraft ordered at Airbus was repeatedly postponed, the cost increased over the originally estimated amount by at least 1.5 billion euros. Step by step, important skills of the aviator were retrofitted. This includes, above all, the important protection for flights in crisis areas from rocket attacks or the ability to sell soldiers from the air.