Meeting to see cherry blossoms “Invited case by politicians” Secretary-General, November 13, 12:21

Regarding the “Meeting of Cherry Blossoms” hosted by the Prime Minister, the Secretary of the Secretary of Secretariat showed that there were cases where invitees were selected by politicians at the press conference in the morning.

The “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” held annually by the Prime Minister has been increasingly criticized as the number of participants has been increasing year by year, and the opposition party has been invited by Prime Minister Abe ’s supporters. It is.

Regarding this, the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary asked at the press conference in the morning whether there was a recommendation or encouragement from a politician when selecting an invitee, “It is an event that has continued since 1927, so these are also included I think it is. ”

On top of that, he said, “Practices have continued since 1927. Even when the government is changed, efforts are being carried out under such practices in the new government.”

In addition, the secretary of the secretary said that the review of the invitation criteria, etc., "if there are points that need to be reviewed, they should be reviewed."