For years, the Tax and Customs Administration ignored internal reports about abuses in the treatment of citizens, RTL Nieuws and Trouw write this on the basis of a letter of fire from a retired civil servant. The service would have wrongly asked for money back from 40,000 people and did not handle their objections.

The top of the tax authorities would not have responded to complaints about acts that were against the law or violated the rights of citizens.

The official who sends the fire letter also adds a file of mainly e-mails between him, colleagues and the top of the tax authorities to the letter.

It would appear from the letter and the file that the Tax Authorities asked for wrongful money back from at least 40,000 people, despite the fact that they were entitled to a deferred payment. Their objections to the reminders would never have been dealt with.

The immediate reason for the official to step outside is the childcare allowance case. The Tax Authorities had incorrectly stopped this allowance of more than three hundred parents and had it reimbursed.

From 2014 to 2016, the civil servant worked in the Recovery department of the Tax Authorities / Allowances. Here had to deal with objections from citizens.

A tax spokesperson told RTL News and Trouw that the service "constantly strives to work according to the law." A committee within the service could possibly 'say something' about handling objections on Wednesday, the spokesperson said.


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