Despite the rumor, Jean-Louis Borloo asserts at the microphone of Europe 1 that he will not be candidate for mayor of Paris next March.


It was supposed to be a plan B like "Borloo", but it is not so. Jean-Louis Borloo says he will not run for mayor of Paris under the colors of LREM. A time evoked by the influential boss of Modem François Bayrou, this "plan B" was to allow the majority party out of a situation where neither Benjamin Griveaux nor Cédric Villani can rally enough to trigger a dynamic. These stagnate in the polls around 15-20%. An honorable score, but insufficient to counter the secret candidacy of Anne Hidalgo Pichininelle which pranced in September at the head of voting intentions, to 24%.

"The 'safe Marquis' reigns everywhere"

At the microphone of Europe 1, the former Minister of Ecology Nicolas Sarkozy sweeps his candidacy out of hand: "I have no agenda, it's all free. I have been for years that I have to be Minister of Foreign Affairs of François Hollande, head of the list for the Europeans for En Marche, replacing Édouard Philippe last October, and now candidate for mayor of Paris ... It's okay! ". And slip into a smile, "You know, the most important figure in falsely democratic life is the 'safe-haven Marquis', who reigns everywhere."

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According to the newspaper L'Opinion , the rivalry between Benjamin Griveaux and Cédric Villani tired an Emmanuel Macron who would have said: "Griveaux, I do not believe it anymore, and Villani, I do not believe it yet". But, if one believes the main interested, Jean-Louis Borloo will not be measured either Rachida Dati, invested by the Republicans, or Anne Hidalgo next spring.