• Malaga: The brutal harassment of a woman to her ex, with death threats including: "You will regret being born"

The 44-year-old woman detained by the National Police in Malaga for allegedly harassing her former partner and her friend for months threatened the man with obtaining a medical part and falsely reporting him of ill-treatment.

Sources close to the case consulted by EL MUNDO explained that, among the numerous messages provided by the man to the researchers was one of extreme gravity: "I will go to a doctor I know and I will do a part of injuries with which I'm going to report you for bad treatment. "

The woman did not take this step , so there are doubts about the veracity of a doctor coming to collaborate with her, but the analysis of her police record showed that she regularly used police resources. The aforementioned sources indicated that he had come to present fifty complaints of threats or vexations against different people.

However, despite the alleged criminal intentions of this woman, it should be remembered that the percentage of false allegations of ill-treatment is tiny in Spain, as evidenced by the latest reports of the State Attorney General's Office, which does not place it by over 0.1% of reported cases.

As this newspaper advanced, the victim received calls from hidden numbers for months, more than 300 messages and death threats against his daughters, which eventually led to the arrest of his former partner.

The investigation also considers that the arrested woman is the alleged author of the harassment suffered by an old friend of the man and with whom she had a short two-month relationship. In addition to calls and messages through social networks, this woman reported that someone had introduced a sexual content ad in which her phone number was attached, so several individuals contacted her to have sex .

The complainant, on the other hand, warned the National Police investigators that he knew that he suspected that the detainee was the person who had posted intimate photos of him in social networks in which he hid his face. He also located others in which parts of the bodies of both were seen in which the initials of the man were included.

Months of harassment

The police investigations began on September 12 and culminated on October 21 with the arrest of the alleged author accused of a crime of harassment against the freedom of persons, as it was seriously altering the lives of the victims.

The woman allegedly sent more than 300 messages to her ex-partner, many of them offensive and some menacing. In one of them he allegedly told him that he was going to hire a person to crash his car against that of his ex-wife when his two daughters were inside.

In addition, he allegedly made calls to the job and the gym where his partner was, as well as his family.

However, one of the details that most caught the attention of the police were the suspicions expressed by the complainant that his former partner "spied" his life beyond social networks. He reported that the woman allegedly had access to a payment application that allowed monitoring the conversations held by the telephone numbers she previously indicated. A belief that reaffirmed the fact that, every time she exchanged a private message with her friend through her cell phones, the harassment intensified.

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