Meeting to see cherry blossoms “Invitation standards are uncertain” Opposition party pursuit team first meeting Nov. 12

The first meeting of the opposition party's pursuit team for the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister was held. It was pointed out that there might be an invitation for each ministry.

On the 12th, the opposition party held the first meeting of the pursuit team on the “Meeting of Cherry Blossoms” held annually by the Prime Minister and interviewed by the Cabinet Office and others.

The attending parliamentarians said that the criteria for selecting invitees were unclear, and there were a series of opinions asking them to show their rosters, but the person in charge at the Cabinet Office said, “The retention period is less than one year, Because of the huge volume, both documents and electronic media were discarded. "

In addition, while lawmakers pointed out that there is a frame of invitees for each ministry and agency, the person in charge said, “Because business will be hindered, we will refrain from answering whether or not there is a frame. Said.

Furthermore, when a member of the parliament asked, “If there is a frame that allows participation by several hundreds of people through the Prime Minister's office,” the person in charge said, “Since each individual invitees are personal information, they will refrain from answering. "Said.

Representative Tateman Edano “This is a case of Honmaru direct hit”

Mr. Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party said at the party's standing secretary meeting, “This is a case of a direct hit with Honmaru, which is of a different quality than before. "Dissolution" will be launched, and we must strengthen our preparations for that. "

With party to see cherry tree

The “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” has been hosted by the Prime Minister since 1974 and is held in Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo in April every year except for the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake. .

As an official event of the Cabinet, the government has allocated the budget necessary for holding it every year. According to the Cabinet Office, the budget amount is uniform over 17 million yen from 2014 to this year, and the budget plan for the next fiscal year. In the request for the estimate, it is over 57 million yen, more than three times.

The government explained that this was the result of reflecting improvements made in recent years, such as strengthening anti-terrorism measures such as the installation of metal detectors and measures to alleviate congestion.

According to the schedule, the range of invitees is about 10,000 people, including the royal family, ambassadors from various countries, ministers, parliamentarians and representatives from various fields.
▽ Approximately 12,800 people in 2014
▽ From 2015 to Ototoshi was 13,000 people,
▽ last year was 15,900 people,
▽ There were 15,400 people.

In addition, the number of people who actually participated has been increasing from about 13,700 people in 2014, which was about 18,200 people.

As the number of participants increased, so did the expenditure.
▽ 2014 was over 30 million yen,
▽ Last year, more than 52 million yen,
▽ Kotoshi is over 55 million yen,
The shortage that exceeds the budget amount is from another budget of the Cabinet Office.

Inviteor's Standards

While the opposition party stipulated the criteria for choosing invitees at the House of Representatives plenary session on the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister, "We invite a wide range of people who have achieved their achievements," and explained that there was no problem.

Concerning the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister, at the plenary session of the House of Representatives on the 12th, Mr. Takayuki Ochiai of the Constitutional Democratic Party was invited by several hundred people from Prime Minister Abe's local supporters' association. In pursuit of “Isn't it a private event of a public event?”, We asked the criteria for choosing invitees and the reason why the list of invitees was immediately discarded.

On the other hand, the secretary of the secretary said, “Based on the guidelines, we invited a wide range of achievements and achievements in various fields based on opinions from each ministry and agency. "We are finally putting it together."

“In addition to the purpose of using the list of invitees ending at the end of the meeting, if you save all of them, it may be necessary to properly manage a vast amount of documents containing personal information. After the end, we will handle it without delay. "

Scope of the invitee “Consideration is necessary”

Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretariat said that in the afternoon press conference, it was held as a meeting to see cherry blossoms, and the invitations other than the royal family, ministers, and parliamentarians were referred to as "other representatives of various fields". "Etc." is attached so that people who have made various achievements and achievements can be invited widely, and it is not intended for a specific field or category. "

On top of that, the secretary of the secretary asked if it was necessary to clarify the scope of the invitees in the future, saying, “The government thinks it is necessary to consider it,” he said. It was.

In addition, while the number of invitees was about 10,000 in the course, the secretary of the secretary said that about 18,000 people attended, “It is about 10,000 people in the course. There may be more people who can come than invitations, such as couples. "

Delete blog At Prime Minister Abe's local Yamaguchi…

About "Meeting to see cherry blossoms", the state of Prime Minister Abe's local prefectural legislators in Yamaguchi Prefecture was posted on the blog, but since this issue was criticized by the Diet on the 8th of this month, It has been deleted one after another.

The article titled “To the cherry blossom viewing party sponsored by Prime Minister Abe” posted on a blog in May 2014 by a member of the Toyama Prefectural Assembly in Yamaguchi Prefecture said, On the evening of the ANA InterContinental Hotel's hall, Abe with about 400 invited guests from Shimonoseki City, Nagato City, and inside and outside Yamaguchi Prefecture. There was a big party surrounding the prime minister's couple.I hope that Prime Minister Abe will continue the administration for a long time, and invite all Shimonoseki to “The Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” in the future. It was.

In addition, an article titled “I went to a party to see cherry blossoms” published by Mayor Ritsuko Fujii in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture on a blog last May, “I met with Satsuki Katayama for the first time in a while. “Today, a lot of people came from Yamaguchi Prefecture. If you walk 10 meters, you will meet people from Yamaguchi Prefecture!” It was written.

The reason for deleting the blog is ...

Mayor Fujii of Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, said the reason for deleting the blog article titled “I went to the party to see cherry blossoms,” “The blog also contains photos and stories of other people, "I removed it because I thought it would be inconvenienced because of the agenda."

The Prime Minister Abe's local member, Ari Tomoda, elected in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, has deleted the article titled “Go to Abe” There is no particular reason for the removal. "

Continuing criticism on Twitter

Regarding the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister, there are many critical posts from celebrities on Twitter.

Former Osaka Mayor Toru Hashishita updated Twitter,
“The party to see the cherry blossoms. The consumption tax has increased, and while the waste of the budget still needs to be cut, the budget of such a party should be cut first. Because we had a meeting to see "
“We should reflect on the fact that we have held such a party, including the ruling and opposition parties, and we should cancel it immediately next year.” “There is no distinction between politics and administration. For supporters, we should do with party money or political funds.”
And criticized.

In addition, Mr. Yoichi Sozoe, former Governor of Tokyo,
“The cherry blossom viewing party, the garden party, and the medal are the cheapest and most effective means for power to use authority.”
“People who have benefited do not criticize power.”
Pointed out.

In addition, philosopher Miki Uchida,
“It will be fun to gather your supporters and have a banquet. But it is“ private ”. You have to pay the membership fee or cut your stomach. A person who doesn't understand the reason, not to do it, or even to use public money, serves as the prime minister in this country. "
And criticized.