• Maneuver, Bank of Italy: growth in GDP 2020 shared by + 0.6%
  • Maneuver, towards cuts in plastic taxes and company cars
  • Budget law, Chigi sources: "It is not and will not be the tax maneuver"


12 November 2019The maneuver "not only decreases the tax burden to a considerable extent compared to the trend, but also reduces taxes compared to the previous year. Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri said this at the Palazzo Madama.

Gualtieri explained that the tax burden appears to be unchanged at 41.9% but net of measures such as the recovery of tax evasion or the postponement of the Dta "we will have a reduction of 7.1 billion in the tax burden even compared to the previous year".

"From Imu-Tasi no burden for taxpayers"
Among the measures in favor of local authorities there is the "rationalization of taxation starting from the Imu-Tasi unification in a single tax" constructed in such a way as to "ensure invariance of revenues, so it will not result in an increase in the tax payers assured the minister.

"Construction site for tax reform, less taxes also for companies"
"It remains the government's intention to open" in the future "a site for a comprehensive reform of the income tax" and the tax authorities, with the aim of reducing "taxes on work and business". In this context "it will be possible to extend the fund, which will be able to count on 6 billion at full capacity"

"Improve the GDP framework, good for 2020"
Regarding the Italian macroeconomic scenario, despite the international scenario, the short-term forecasts "have recently shown some encouraging signs," continued Gualtieri in a hearing and "indicate an increase also in the fourth quarter, which could not only improve compared to the 0 , 1% expected in Nadef, but should give rise to a positive drag on growth in 2020 ".

Falling spread and credibility dividend of 38.5 billion
The maneuver "has already determined" a perception of "greater stability of our economy witnessed by the gradual decline" of the spread with a "significant reduction in interest expenditure", the minister declared. Thanks to the fall in the spread, there will be "a saving of 2.7 billion for the current year, which can be considered as acquired and 6.7 billion in 2020". In the four-year period 2019-2022 Italy can achieve "a credibility dividend of about 38.5 billion".