Aseel soldier - occupied Jerusalem

Following a plan announced in 2016, Israeli police are finalizing the opening of a police station in the town of Sur Baher, south of occupied Jerusalem, with an estimated population of 20,000.

The building will open on lands long west of the town confiscated from the owners, and its façade overlooking the building of the US embassy, ​​which roost on the territory of the town of Sur Baher also.

The former commander of the Israeli police in Jerusalem, Yoram Halevi, announced three years ago a plan to intensify the presence of police officers in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem by opening five centers in these neighborhoods.

The five centers are due to open in Isawiya, Silwan, Jebel Mukaber, Sur Baher and Ras al-Amud.The move comes to redeploy security personnel in Jerusalem.This will cost around 1 billion shekels ($ 286 million), while 1,200 new police will be recruited to work in the city.

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Fuad Abu Hamed, an academic and researcher in Jerusalem affairs, commented that the opening of an Israeli police station inside a Palestinian Jerusalem neighborhood is a precedent, especially since it is not a traditional police station.

Fouad Abu Hamed: The police station includes services for the Israeli Ministry of Interior and the National Insurance, Ambulance and Fire Service (Al Jazeera)

He added that he called it the "integrated service center", where the building will include, in addition to the police, services to the Israeli Ministry of Interior and the National Insurance, Ambulance and Fire Service, to facilitate its entry and make it possible without any sensitivity, and to ensure the cooperation of Jerusalemites with him.

Abu Hamed, who comes from Tire Baher, said that the police officers started their work in the town two years ago, and some of them are Arabs who live in the town permanently, claiming that they are working to help the people, they are advancing ambulances and fire engines when an emergency occurs, and participate in events and activities And organize training for students on how to react when disasters occur.

"They do not interfere with security activities and do not release traffic violations to the residents, working to help people become part of the daily appearance of brilliant images. This smooth preliminary entry was followed by the police with a very smart idea by opening some service centers besides the police, as people will have to enter the building to run "Israeli politics are systematic, calm and strong."

The town of Sur Baher south of Jerusalem (the island)

In recent years, the municipality of Jerusalem has deliberately developed the town in terms of rehabilitating the streets, opening a new school to study the Israeli curriculum, as well as opening a social welfare office and a motherhood and childhood center.

Abu Hamed commented that it is not possible to say that Baher is now equal to services to the western part of the city, but things are steadily moving towards an area that Israelis know well.

He added that in every official Palestinian speech, the speakers do not forget to mention the city of Jerusalem and emphasize that it is the eternal capital of Palestine, saying that this atmosphere "gives me an instantaneous and imaginary feeling that we are the center of the world and decision-makers and then I immediately remember what is happening on the ground. I do not really understand what they are talking about." They are busy in their internal affairs and the issue of Jerusalem is not present at all. "

Abu Hamed believes that Palestine is losing the Jerusalemite citizen, and that the Palestinian Authority has not been able to create an acceptable model of decent life.Al-Maqdisi found himself obliged to take an irreplaceable road, because Israeli policy on the ground is paying off every day and Palestine is the biggest loser.

Grip on Jerusalemites
Ziad al-Hammouri, director of the Jerusalem Center for Economic and Social Rights, said the opening of a police station in the heart of an Arab neighborhood east of Jerusalem is the result of a soft and continuous penetration into the daily lives of Jerusalemites.

Israeli police stop praying bus from Haifa to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Hammouri added that these outposts disrupt the lives of Jerusalemites and do not facilitate them, pointing to the chaos caused by the occupation police station located near Bab al-Sahera from a suffocating traffic crisis and the closure of a vital street in Jerusalem due to congestion of vehicles in addition to being a center where Jerusalemites are subjected to humiliation, beatings and humiliation.

According to the spokesman, this is part of several plans aimed at collectively controlling Jerusalem and notifying the Jerusalemites that the ultimate authority and sovereignty in Jerusalem will be for Israel only.We cannot separate the opening of these centers from the arrest of all Jerusalemites linked to the Palestinian Authority and impose prison sentences of up to three years.

The governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, said that these measures complement the plans to Judaize the Holy City, which targets Al-Maqdisi and its survival, after targeting the Palestinian national institutions, which closed and opened instead public centers in Arab towns, and is now seeking to deploy elements of security occupation among Arab neighborhoods.