• The Government takes to the TC the resolution on the self-determination that the Parliament wants to vote

The Parliament has consummated this morning its disobedience to the Constitutional Court and has passed a motion in favor of independence even though it has been suspended by the High Court while it was being debated and despite the fact that the president of the Chamber, Roger Torrent, and the The rest of the Bureau had been warned up to three times in recent weeks that they would incur "criminal liabilities" if they promoted any resolution related to secession.

The motion, presented by the CUP, has come forward with the support of JxCat, ERC and the abstention of the commons , and the Parliament has thus approved "to express its willingness to exercise the right of self-determination concretely". The deputies of Citizens have absent from the Plenary while the vote was taking place, while those of the PSC and the PP have refused to vote.

The Government appealed last Friday the resolution before the Constitutional Court and the fear that it would be annulled before the Plenary kicks off has led Torrent to move forward twice in the beginning of the session. Initially scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday, yesterday the president of the Parliament advanced the vote at noon - specifically at 12.30 pm - but this morning the independence forces and the commons have agreed to reform the agenda to convert the motion of the CUP at the first point of the session, which has begun to debate at nine in the morning and voted shortly after 10.00. Just before the vote took place, Citizens spokesman Carlos Carrizosa asked Torrent if he had received any last-minute requirements from the Constitutional Court. "We have not received any notification," replied the president of the Parliament, to immediately order the voting to begin, in which the motion of the CUP has been approved and in which disobedience to the TC has been consummated.

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