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FDP in Thuringia: "Not with a party that stands for democratic socialism"


The formation of a government in Thuringia is difficult. This has to do with the FDP. Your country director Thomas Kemmerich advocates open structures.

The FDP has taken the five percent hurdle in Thuringia, 73 votes ultimately gave the cut. The Liberals are therefore represented in the Erfurt Landtag and an important partner for other parties. But they do not want to talk to all, says Thomas L. Kemmerich, the country chairman. At least not when it comes to a coalition.

ZEIT ONLINE: Mr. Kemmerich, how do you take the discussion about the formation of a government in Thuringia?

Thomas L. Kemmerich: It will be difficult to build a majority government from what the people have elected. Because not everything that is possible arithmetically, also fits together. The FDP with the AfD for example. Or with the Left Party. That's why we need to think about a minority government.

ZEIT ONLINE: It is more likely the left, which must think about forming a government. It has become the strongest force at 31 percent.

Kemmerich: I do not see the naturalness with which the Left Party derives a government mandate. For me red-red-green was voted out clearly.

ZEIT ONLINE: The alliance could continue to govern - as a minority government. Would the FDP then abstain in the election of the Prime Minister in order to help Bodo Ramelow in the army?

Kemmerich: We will not help Mr Ramelow. Incidentally, I believe that he also brings no majority regardless of the votes of the FDP.

ZEIT ONLINE: Einrot-red-green-yellow alliance, which would have a majority in parliament, exclude so so?

Kemmerich: Definitely. We can not govern with a party that stands for the so-called democratic socialism with expropriations and harassment that has already failed as a GDR.

ZEIT ONLINE: They favor a "coalition of the middle" from CDU, SPD, Greens and FDP. Do you think that Left or AfD would tolerate this minority government?

Kemmerich: I would not speak of toleration. That sounds like the Magdeburg model - ie the support of a minority government by an opposition party. Such fixed contractual agreements are in my opinion obstructive. We have to go to the factual level. In education policy, for example, we also agreed with the Left Party. Why should not a parliamentary majority agree on this issue?

Source: zeit

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