Dog smuggling is an illegal trade that turns large sums and causes both dogs and people great suffering. The merit is high and the punishment is nowhere near what is sentenced for, for example, drug or weapons smuggling.

The puppies that are illegally introduced often come from large-scale breeders in the country of origin or have been purchased for cheap money in markets.

Many times the puppies are far too young and in poor condition when they are sold after growing up in misery and terrible transport conditions. Many lack basic vaccination protection and can carry hidden diseases and parasites that can affect other dogs as well as humans.

At worst, they are infected with the deadly disease of rabies, which is a serious threat to public health.

It is not only the illegal import that is a problem, but also the large-scale import of dog puppies and so-called heat dogs, which is made solely for resale. These puppies also often come from so-called puppy factories and markets and have inadequate documentation of their background. As shown in the film, veterinary certification is not always to be trusted.

The smuggled puppies are preferably sold via the internet on various advertising sites and via Facebook. Sellers often play on people's emotions with sweet pictures and tender presentations. Often fast deliveries are offered at lower prices.

The dog smugglers have become increasingly sophisticated and can use foreign bitches to act as mum to smuggled puppies, who are then ID-tagged and veterinarians inspected.

The trade in smuggling dogs does not stop until dog buyers understand how a proper puppy purchase should go. As long as there are buyers there will always be considerations + wasteful people who exploit people's credulity.

If you want to make a good effort and take care of a dog that is suffering badly, you can turn to the Dog Stall, which conveys dogs that are in need of a new home.

There are also serious dog breeders sitting with dogs that for various reasons have been difficult to get sold.

Do as 50,000 other Swedish puppy buyers do each year and buy your puppy from a SKK-registered breeder. They take responsibility for their dogs and always deliver the new family member at least 8 weeks of age, with approved papers and health certificates issued by a veterinarian that you can trust.

Make a safe dog purchase and buy Swedish-produced!