• Cucchi case. Redundancy process, family calls ex Trenta and La Russa ministers
  • Cucchi, the lawyer Naso: "I hope it's the last trial of the Pignatone era"
  • Cucchi, the German lawyer asks for acquittal: "During the beating he defended him and rescued him"


12 November 2019 The trial concerning the misdirections of the Cucchi case, the young prisoner who died in 2009 at the Pertini hospital in Rome, begins with a twist. At the opening of the hearing the judge, Federico Bona Galvagno, abstained from the trial, which sees eight carabinieri defendants. Bona Galvagno justified his abstention by explaining that he was a former carabiniere currently on leave.

The decision of Bona Galvagno is linked to the initiative of Stefano Cucchi's family lawyers who had asked the single judge to refrain after learning from open sources that Bona Galvagno had organized conferences attended by senior officers of the Arma.

The new appointed monocratic judge is Giulia Cavallone. The 8 defendants are all carabinieri, including senior officers, accused in various capacities and depending on the positions of forgery, aiding and abusing, omitted denunciation and calumny. It is the general Alessandro Casarsa, at the time the commander of the Rome Group, and seven other carabinieri, including Lorenzo Sabatino, then commander of the operational department of the carabinieri of Rome, Francesco Cavallo, at the time of the facts lieutenant colonel and head office of the command of the Rome Group; Luciano Soligo, at the material time major of the Arma and commander of the Rome Montesacro company; Massimiliano Colombo Labriola, at the time of the facts commander of the Tor Sapienza station; Francesco Di Sano, at the time in service at the Tor Sapienza station; Tiziano Testarmata, commander of the fourth section of the investigative unit of the Carabinieri and the carabiniere Luca De Cianni, accused of forgery and slander.

Ilaria Cucchi and lawyer Fabio Anselmo were not present at the trial. At this time the last hearing is taking place in the trial concerning the death of Stefano Cucchi, who sees five carabinieri, including three for unintentional murder, whose sentence is scheduled for Thursday, November 14th.

Ilaria Cucchi: "Satisfied with the judge's decision"
"I am extremely satisfied that the judge Bona Galvagno has decided to abstain from accepting our request. I thank my and the other lawyers who have considered it appropriate to do so. They were right." Ilaria Cucchi writes in a post on Facebook commenting on today's outcomes of the judicial case on the death of his brother Stefano Cucchi.

Ministry of Justice will constitute a civil party on the misleadings
The Ministry of Justice has filed a motion to set up a civil party to the misleading trial in the Cucchi case, which sees eight carabinieri defendants, including senior officers. Among the civil parties already established, the presidency of the Council of Ministers and the ARMA.