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Campaigning in Blackpool on Tuesday, Nov. 12, Labor boss Jeremy Corbyn said he was "nervous" about a new cyberattack. REUTERS / Phil Noble

The British Labor Party was the victim of a cyber attack in the middle of the campaign for the 12th December legislative elections. This incident comes as the government of Boris Johnson is accused of blocking the publication of a document on Russian interference in the United Kingdom.

With our correspondent in London, Muriel Delcroix

Labor speaks of a " sophisticated and large-scale " operation conducted Monday against its digital platforms. It says nothing, on the other hand, about the origin of this attack and the targeted systems.

While traveling to Blackpool in the north-west of the country, Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn assured that no information had been hacked thanks to a robust security system used by the party. That did not prevent him from confessing himself " nervous " at the idea that this cyberattack could foreshadow other attempts to derail the campaign for the December 12 legislative elections .

This attack comes amid controversy over a parliamentary report about possible Russian interference in British politics, which the government refuses to publish before the election. The study examines Moscow's attempts to influence the 2016 Brexit referendum, but also attempts to infiltrate the conservative Boris Johnson party. Russia has been accused on numerous occasions of conducting sophisticated misinformation campaigns around the world to defend its interests.

Passing London for the promotion of a book, Hillary Clinton deemed " shameful " that the government of Boris Johnson blocks the publication of the report. Former US presidential candidate of 2016, the Democrat had failed Donald Trump after a campaign marked by an interference of Russia, confirmed by the American intelligence services.