Four years after the attacks of 13 November, whose attack on the Bataclan has left 90 dead, the room is gradually returning to a rhythm of events similar to what it knew before the tragic concert of the Eagles Of Death Metal.


On November 13, 2015, at 9:40 pm, three men entered the Bataclan Theater during an Eagles Of Death Metal concert and shot at sight. The horror lasts about twenty minutes, before the intervention of the police. Ninety people will die in the hall. A full year of closure, two more with only 70 to 80 performances a year, 30% less than before November 13, before gradually, event after event, music begins to resume its rights.

The concerts show "almost always complete"

Unlike other years, a hundred dates have been programmed in 2019 in Bataclan, and every time or almost "the public is there and for once, everything is almost always complete," says the microphone of Europe 1 Florence Games, the new director arrived less than a year ago. "People are coming back and that's really an observation we make every day". Sting in 2016, Renan Luce, or Jean-Louis Aubert, who has eight dates this month ... Many say it, you have to make live the room, vibrate with the music, like the group Chatterton Fire who played there last year for three dates: "It's tricky, you can project yourself, when you find yourself on stage, there are words to us that reason unexpectedly and here you are seized with a particular thrill. has also tried out of decency not to make it opportunistic or political, out of respect for those who have lost people. "

(Re) Playing Bataclan, a difficult cap

But some artists do not wish to return to the scene of the drama. "When people started rehearsing, I was offered to do it, but I can not even walk in front of the hall," said Swiss singer Stephan Eicher.

As for the programming of the venue, if it has changed in part, Florence Games wants to keep the DNA of Bataclan, very punk and rock. But the scene also opens up to other forms of art than concerts, with for example a hip-hop dance festival that took place in October, or the recording of a podcast in public with the collective of YouTubers for thirties, the Floodcast. The event posted full in five minutes. The goal of this expanded program is also to bring in a different audience.